As a producer, I love working with new artists and helping them to discover their sound.

Tony McGuiness

Tony is an Internationally acclaimed musician, songwriter and producer who has worked with major artists (including; Aslan, The Script, Sinead O'Connor, Alabama 3, Damien Dempsey, Jerry Fish and Damien Rice to name but a few).

Spanning a music career of over 30 years and as part of the Irish band Aslan he has released five award winning studio albums, two live albums and two compilation album.

As a producer Tony loves working with new artists and helping them to discover and develop their sound. Tony's dynamic production process evolves around the following - the music is carefully tailored around the artist, the song, and the vocal. For mixing/mastering he brings polish, life and depth to the songs that he works on based on his vast experience. Tony is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer and performer, which is a valuable asset to any music production.

If you are interested in working with Tony on your music project, please get in touch to arrange an appointment.